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Highlights finds and prioritizes the biggest optimization opportunities from your email marketing data, automatically.

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Say Goodbye to Guesswork

Focus on the 20% of optimizations that drive results. Highlights constantly sorts and analyzes your email campaigns for you.
Advanced Email Analytics
Go beyond open and click rates. Highlights uses proprietary metrics and Google Analytics Goals to understand real on-site behavior.
Landing Page Tracking
Track page and website performance to make sure your email clicks always go to your highest-converting landing pages and blog posts.
Predictable Growth
Consistently find new ways to improve the performance of your emails. Highlights drives momentum pushing performance up and to the right.
Actionable Advices
Improve the performance of your emails and landing pages with action items and tailored recommendations written in plain English.
Historical Performance
Build your email program on solid ground. Highlights tracks & archives performance, tests and subject lines to make sure your emails get better over time.

Make Your Emails Work for You

“If your email program isn’t generating at least 25% of its revenue from automated emails, it’s time to implement some changes.”

Chad S. White
Research Director Litmus and Author of Email Marketing Rules


Highlights works out of the box with

MailChimp Integration HubSpot Integration Google Analytics Integration

How it Works

1 - Securely connect your email marketing tool (30 seconds)

Highlights creates benchmarks based on email automations, past campaigns and historical subject line performance. It then compares results with these benchmarks and starts tracking the day-to-day performance.

Integrations with Highlights
2 - Highlights continuously analyzes trends, opportunities and results

It identifies email optimization opportunities in seconds.
- Are your upsell emails becoming less effective?
- Do email clicks lead to bounces on your website?
- Would there be a better landing page to link to?

3 - Highlights finds emails worth fixing and explains how to fix them

The more campaigns, automations and experiments you run, the harder it gets to find the changes that will truly drives results. Highlights uses Sean Ellis's I.C.E. score (Impact x Confidence x Ease) to prioritize improvements based on volume and the potential impact on your business goals.

Highlights Prioritization
4 - Highlights makes recommendations in plain English

There's no magic. Suggestions are explained in plain and simple language. You make the changes, and we track the performance to make sure your email program improves over time.

Get Insights in Seconds

No Credit Card Required. Highlights is 100% GDPR Compliant.

“Just what I needed! Getting actionable data from Google Analytics is a nightmare. Highlights gave me at least 4-5 solid ideas on how to improve different pages on my website.”

Christoph Engelhardt, Author of the SaaS Email Marketing Handbook

Christoph Engelhardt
Author of the SaaS Email Marketing Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions

The privacy of your data is a big deal to us. We will never share, sell or make available your data to anyone.

When you integrate a service provider with Highlights, we ask for read-only access to the data. This prevents Highlights from altering any of your marketing data.

All your connections with our servers are secured, your account is secured by a password encrypted using PBKDF2 algorithm, and all the third-party provider tokens are also encrypted. You can read our full Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, or contact us at if you have any question about data and privacy at Highlights.

Yes. Our service is GDPR compliant. Our servers are hosted in Europe. Highlights only uses anonymized aggregate data to calculate performances. We don’t unnecessarily gather or process data, and we don’t gather or use data without explicit consent.

You can read about GDPR compliance in our GDPR Policy.

Highlights currently integrates with MailChimp and HubSpot. We have plans to integrate with ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Drip, Infusionsoft, Intercom, etc based on customer demand.

Interested in using Highlights with a different email marketing platform? Contact us at and let us know which platform we should be supporting next. :-)