Inbound Marketing Agencies

Total Clarity

Keeping on top of 5, 10, 20 client accounts is hard work. Highlights helps inbound marketing agencies monitor and diagnose client sites and email programs in one central account.

How Highlights Helps Inbound Marketing Agencies

Get a Clear Picture

Highlights analyzes and monitors the performance of your entire inbound marketing program across marketing tools, and client accounts.

Collaborate on Results

Add colleagues to your account. They’ll be able to track performance, see changes, and get notified when new content is published.

Track Your Impact

Highlights takes care of monitoring marketing efforts. It compares performance to help you track the real business impact of your campaigns.

Improve Client Service

Don’t get caught by surprise. Identify all issues with your clients’ inbound marketing program and find opportunities to delight.

Save Time

Highlights makes you more efficient. It cuts routine analysis and training time to keep your team focused on strategy, service, and content creation.

Grow Traffic & Conversions

Highlights provides tools to improve your clients’ conversions and grow their organic traffic. It helps surface opportunities to grow performance.

Search Insights

Highlights analyzes keyword performance and search traffic. It helps reinforce organic search positioning, grow search traffic, and capitalize on high-traffic keyword opportunities.

Notifications & Alerts

Get alerted when performance is not trending in the right direction. Highlights identifies new content and updates, and makes them available across your team members’ accounts.

See if Highlights is Right for You

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“Highlights uses Google Analytics to show which content pages to update next along with easy-to-follow optimization tips. It has a better, cleaner interface than most expensive SEO-monitoring tools I’ve used!”

Lori Polemenakos
Content Strategist at LeadingResponse