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Highlights makes managing and optimizing inbound marketing programs simple and efficient.
Grow conversions, boost productivity – all while reducing your overall workload.

Executive Dashboard

Get a Clear Picture

Highlights was designed for simplicity. It monitors the performance of your entire inbound marketing program across different marketing platforms, and centralizes analysis in one simple dashboard. No surprises, ever.

Find Opportunities

Highlights analyzes the performance of your inbound marketing program using your own Google Analytics Goals. It prioritizes opportunities to improve conversions by identifying underperforming emails, blog posts and landing pages.

Actionable Advices

Know What to Fix

You won't be left in the dark. Highlights suggests actions you can take to improve the conversion rate of your emails, landing pages and blog posts. When in doubt, you can use the resources we provide to help implement those recommendations.

Learn from Past Performance

Highlights archives and analyzes the performance of your inbound marketing program over time. Dive deeper into an account to understand critical patterns. We'll make sure that your campaigns get better over time.

Historical Performance

See How it Works, in 1 Minute

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“Just what I needed! Getting actionable data from Google Analytics is a nightmare. Highlights gave me at least 4-5 solid ideas on how to improve different pages on my website.”

Christoph Engelhardt, Author of the SaaS Email Marketing Handbook

Christoph Engelhardt
Author of the SaaS Email Marketing Handbook