Do More With Less

Time’s always short for solopreneurs. Highlights keeps your business growing by prioritizing bite-size improvements to your most impactful landing pages and emails.

How Highlights Helps Solopreneurs

Centralize Performance

Technology for solopreneurs multiplies. Highlights centralizes your email, landing page, and blog post performance in one central account.

Flag Problems Early

Highlights identifies traffic and conversion issues with your site and emails. It tracks growth and slowdowns so you can focus on other things.

Grow Traffic & Conversions

Highlights provides tools to help grow your organic search traffic and improve your conversion funnels. Suggestions are easy to understand and implement.

Get Marketing Guidance

Highlights is your in-house marketing advisor. It suggests new ways to grow performance, and points you to leading resources to implement changes.

Apply the 80/20 Rule

Maximize your marketing investment. Highlights prioritizes the most impactful opportunities for you. It keeps you focused on true growth.

Track Your Impact

Highlights takes care of monitoring your marketing efforts. It compares performance, and lets you know if the changes you made had a real impact.

Actionable Advices

Highlights uses traffic volume, conversions, acquisition channels, and on-page performance to assess performance. It turns these assessments into actionable recommendations solopreneurs can leverage to grow their site traffic and conversions.

Change Tracking

Don’t just accept your site and emails’ performance: optimization leads to exceptional results. Highlights helps you get a clear picture of performance to understand the impact of your efforts and keep things growing.

See if Highlights is Right for You

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“Just what I needed! Getting actionable data from Google Analytics is a nightmare. Highlights gave me 4-5 solid ideas on how to improve different pages on my website.”